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Heaven & Earth Gourd Water Bottle • Stainless Steel • For Water, Wine, Tea • Bonus Straps

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Heaven & Earth Gourd Water Bottle • Stainless Steel • For Water, Wine, Tea • Bonus Straps


Product Type: wine gourd kettle, water bottle, wine bottle.

Material: 304 food-grade stainless steel.


The Heaven & Earth Gourd Water Bottle, in the shape of the sacred gourd, meaning fortune and abundance, in the frequency of Heaven & Earth, using food-grade stainless steel that is washable.

The round & circular curves of the gourd reflects the shape of Heaven,

The stable base of the gourd reflects the square roots of New Earth.

We recommend the glossy silver and gold colours, with thicker durability and trinity caps.


Size Chart


Size: 250ml, bottom diameter * caliber * height (6.5 * 2.8 * 12.5) cm It weighs 75 grams


    500ml base diameter * caliber * height (9*2.8*17.2) cm It weighs 105 grams


    1500ml base longitude * caliber * height (12*3.5*23) cm It weighs 275 grams


    5000ML base diameter * caliber * height (17.2 * 4.4 * 27.8) cm It weighs 410g. (subject to the real object)



General Guidance


1. The black and yellow leather straps & cases of the gourd water bottle (wine pot) are bonus straps, and delivered randomly. The leather cases are not specified in colour. Please review photos carefully if you mind. Please contact customer service for details.


2. This is an empty wine bottle. If there is no wine in it, you can't return it for the reason that the wine pot has no wine. If you have any questions, please contact customer service.


3. First use: can use soap and wash the stainless steel bottle as usual. Put household detergent and hot water (the concentration is not easy to be too high) into the gourd bottle (wine pot), half a pot can be soaked for a few minutes, and then shake vigorously. After cleaning, quickly add a small amount of ordinary high Baijiu (Erguotou above 52 degrees is recommended) and soak it for about ten minutes. After cleaning, it can be used.


4. The main purpose of the wine pot is to hold wine. It can be in use to hold cool-warm water and tea, while you can feel the energy of the water temperature from the gourd water bottle. It is forbidden to hold boiled water. The single layer of the wine pot is not insulated and will be hot to your hands. It is forbidden to put water in the freezer of the refrigerator. If the wine pot is full of water and frozen, the volume of ice will increase and the wine pot will be damaged in serious cases. Hereby remind you.


High Quality, Natural, Free Flowing Energy

How to Use

Energy Work, Qigong, Tai Chi.

For every breath from business, tech work, gardening, hip hop, travelling to running errands.

Rebirth You and the New Earth.


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