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Dress up and down from wedding outfits to everyday energy flowing practices. Wedding outfits can be made to order, with hand weave mulberry silk. Introducing the restoration of our iconic Áo Dài Qigong Outfit.

As per Emperors' Requests. Since 5 months ago, Emperors have been requesting more energy flowing outfits like the Empress in the Heaven & Earth Qigong Outfit, in Emperors' Fit. Here it is, Emperors. These energy flowing fabrics are real effects of Heaven's Response, not photoshop!

  • Aggiornamento: Invio in Italia! Heaven & Earth Cloak

    Sending to Italy! Heaven & Earth Cloak + with Button Closure in 3x colours are also trending in Canada. See below for the Trinity 3x outfit, representing the Harmony of People, Heaven, & Earth.

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  • Emperors' Fit

    Yes, empresses, you can wear these pants as well, in the emperor's fit. There's no boyfriend fit here, only emperor fit!

  • Exquisite Emperors’ Fabric in The Way of Heaven & Earth Yang Business Top

    Update: Sending to Italy! See below for outfits in the complete energy flowing Heaven & New Earth fit, using natural plant materials. Heaven is Tops and New Earth is Bottoms.

  • Enviando a ¡Barcelona, ​​España!

    These energy flowing designs are real effects of Heaven’s Response, not photoshop!

  • Qigong

    Are you looking for a new master who has good taste in clothes like you, while learning the most secretive ancient qigong forms for ultimate energy flow & glow in every aspect of life? With your purchase of an qigong outfit of both TOPS & BOTTOMS, you may receive an invite to our master’s qigong class + editorial feature of your creative work + qigong flow & glow. Chat with us to style a complete outfit of Heaven & Earth fit for you, so exciting! <3

  • 🔥🔥🔥 FAQ: Need a time sensitive order for events, celebrations, and weddings?

    Need a Style Advisor? Tap the green button “Chat with Us” at the bottom right!

    Ce n'est pas votre expérience habituelle de conseiller de style VIP chanel de vin gratuit, plantez simplement des vêtements, du thé et du jade ici! Merci pour votre compréhension!

  • Popular Qigong Tops & Bottoms in Canada & France

    Is Greece & Sweden the next trend setter? Είναι η Ελλάδα και η Σουηδία το επόμενο trend που διαμορφώνει; Är Grekland och Sverige nästa trendsättare?

  • Elegance & Energy Flow

    Custom bracelets and anklets. If you would like us to style & create a set of Heaven & Earth quality necklace, bracelet, and anklet, tap jade green button “Chat With Us”. 2 jade chains for couples. Great gifts to go with the outfits.

  • 🪷🪷🪷

    you are the one your ancestors are waiting for — LACHÍ™ — Jade Emperor's Seal for Jade Empress Tech™

  • Way of Tea

    Tea sets, copper teapots, and tea pot stoves, handmade in limited quantities using ancient pottery techniques. We use foam safe packing for global shipping & reusable for your global travels.

  • Shed the bras, sports clothes, and rigid business suits

    Sweating with jade and plant clothes create the perfect Yin Yang temperature, yang energy moving yin blood, heart-mind qi flow for sunny time and sleep time.

  • Heaven & Earth Qigong Pants

    For both emperors and empresses. The colour white is not see through! Clients love these & usually get at least 3 colours to pair with qigong tops.

  • Business in front, elastic at back.

    For full elastic flow day and night, try the Heaven & Earth Sports Pants. They also have a business look to dress up and down like Yin and Yang.

  • Popular in Canada

    You’ll use these everyday. Get 4-5 yin yang meditation cushions to represent the Elements.

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Featuring Customers' Favourite Outfits • For Yin & Yang, everything is gender neutral, just check the size chart.

Emperors' Favourites

For everywhere on Heaven & Earth in all New Earth Seasons. Shed the rigid business suits that block your energy. Turn business flow into zen energy flow state.

YANG's Favourite Outfits • Complete the energy flow frequency update with our tops and bottoms.

YIN & YANG Favourite Qigong Outfits • Energy Work

YIN's Favourite Outfits

Empress’ Favourites

Top Energy Flowing Outfits

Qigong Tea, Hip Hop, Dance, Gardening, Tech Work Favourites

New Earth Starter Pack • Try Light Grey/White Top with Light Green Jade / Blue Pants (Everything is Gender Neutral)

Release, Rebirth, and Renewal
Cleaning out our closets
Cleaning out our closets
Cleaning out our closets

Shed the rigid business suits
that block the yin & yang energy flow.
Turn business flow into zen flow state.

Within a perfect yin & yang
blend of natural plants in
yin cotton softness,
holding the yang linen
roughness of durability.

Go from business to running errands,
energy work, work ins and work outs
in any New Earth Season on Heaven & Earth.
Go from work flow, pho flow, to
hip hop dance movement flow in a minute.

For Yin & Yang,
in Gender Neutral Fashion,
Yin within Yang, Yang within Yin.

View New Earth Rebirth • The Way of Business Collection

Energy Work with Jade Empress Tech™

Jade Empress Tech™ is a Marketplace Platform that brings together East and West holistic principles of wellness. Welcome to Heaven and New Earth's Marketplace Platform, bringing forth the Ancient New. During the time of New Earth Rebirth, we restore and weave the Ancient New Way together.

Jade Emperor's Seal
for Jade Empress Tech™

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Reality transcends the duality of web 1 and web 3,
of physical and digital, of metaverse and universe.
To be a teacher is to be a student.

She designs nike & chanel,
buys all the nike shoes, and
becomes the Barefoot Doctor

— Jade Empress Tech™
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