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Enter the Jade Peach Garden 蟠桃會 • Vào Vườn Đào Ngọc
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Enter the Jade Peach Garden

hạt màu xanh lá cây dệt toàn bộ vòng cổ
Green Beads Weave a Whole

Green beads weave a whole necklace
Saying goodbye to bras is just like
Saying goodbye to Qi stagnation

From Heaven on Earth
Saying hi to our New Earth Rebirth Outfits
Saying hi to our Qi flow of Water & Earth

The days of bras are over
We bring forth Ancient New
Currents of East to West

Weaving the Silk Jade Balance
Enter the Jade Peach Garden
蟠桃會 • Vào Vườn Đào Ngọc

Yang moves the Yin
Yin holds the Yang
Yin & Yang Orders

Healing Aura Colours
Healing Plant Fabrics
Healing New Earth Outfits

— The Jade Emperor's Seal for Jade Empress Tech



How are you updating your inner software and colours,
planting the seeds for garden breath work, and celebrating your
Rebirth during the Current incoming New Earth Frequencies?

Gu Yu 谷雨 means Grain Rain

Apr 19-May 5 is the final stretch and 6th quarter of Spring,
a time to harvest the plants in the garden, home, and within with energy work.
With more yang sunshine into your light body, bring more plants into your home frequency,
with plant meals/drinks and plant fabrics from your New Earth Rebirth Outfits.

Enter the Jade Peach Garden 蟠桃會
Inspiration from the album 💿 Enter the Wu-Tang

Today, Enter the Jade Peach Garden 蟠桃會 and
Let's celebrate YOU and the NEW EARTH REBIRTH

Mindfully shop for
Your garden energy breath work,
Mother’s Day, Father’s Day,
The divine masculine in your life,
The divine feminine in your life,
or just celebrate every breath

Enter the Jade Peach Garden 蟠桃會
for 24/7 energetic hygiene and grounding,
while integrating the New Earth Frequencies.

By popular demand by women & men,
who love our linen plant pants such as
Heaven & Earth Qigong Pants,
Yin Yang Tune Up Pants,
Elegant Flow & Gardening Pants,
patiently waiting to get more yin & yang
COLOURS & TOPS to pair New Earth Outfits

Today, we’re launching
Enter the Jade Peach Garden 蟠桃會
with more COLOURS,
green beads that weave a whole,

To brighten up the garden aura,
With inner software and CSS colour style updates,
Start with Jade Green to Water Blue, Earth Beige,
and Golden Yellow to balance and ground your aura
with some Red Wine & Purple Lotus Root
to nourish your heart, mind, and spirit

Gardening, every breath, hip hop flowers
All our outfits are for YIN & YANG, every breath, and
we welcome new models post-purchase!

Love our Qigong Outfits and
don't know where to start your Qigong Journey?
We have an amazing post-purchase experience
Get the Outfits & we'll integrate you into
Qigong Resources + more that Resonate with
you and your New Earth Rebirth Frequency Outfits

Mindfully order now
to get your frequency updates
with mindful global eco 3-5 week shipping
so far it's eco 2-week shipping
for May-June celebrations. 

Breathe in and bring in grounding,
high frequency linen cotton,
high frequency Tencel lyocell plant,

plant material long-sleeves in the garden
natural sun protection & hygiene
yin holding the yang sunshine

Breathe out and start
shedding the pre-pandemic you,

Breathe in and out the
Ancient New You in New Earth.


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